Variations For Troubled Hands

By Steve Carr + Perimeter Editions
© Katrin Koenning
2014 Winners

Photobook of the Year 2014 and People's Choice
We Met a Little Early But I Get to Love You Longer
by Raphaela Rosella

This project stems from the reaction I had when my teenage twin sister told me she was pregnant. I was angry; I called her a 'slut' and told her to get an abortion because I thought she could have a 'better life'. But what is a better life? I always knew that at some stage she was going to be a mum, I just hadn't expected it to be so early in her life. By investigating and individualising the complex range of issues that lead teen girls to early pregnancy and the challenges they face, the collaborations seek to show that each mother is different, and there is no 'uniform' type.

Judges Comments
“A compelling narrative is presented through texts and images. The images are powerful and confronting, and the pace of reading is mediated by well designed sectioning and sequencing.”
“Beautifully put together. Poignant and enthralling.”
“A careful and astute selection of photos effective for the narrative.”
“Unchartered territory. An intimate and voyeuristic work served well by its form. You want to look at everything.”
“Personal without feeling intrusive. The photo subjects seemed comfortable with the photographer’s presence. Books like this make us push the boundaries.”

Design: Wendy Kimpton
Printer: Momento Pro

We met a little early but I get to love you longer - cover

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Photobook of the Year 2014 - Runner Up
Nauru: What Was Taken And What Was Given by Kelvin Skewes


This is a newspaper style photobook about the Pacific island of Nauru, the world's smallest republic. In 1900 it was discovered that Nauru had vast reserves of high-grade phosphate. Today, over 70% of the islands landmass is mined out, and the supply of phosphate nearly exhausted. Since 2012 Nauru has been part of Australia's revamped 'Pacific Solution' asylum seeker policy, housing 1000+ asylum seekers. This photobook is an examination of both the current state of Nauru and of the relationship between Australia and Nauru over the last century.

Judges Comments
“Outstanding photography and a well resolved study of a place,
a political situation, and its history.”
“Shows deep commitment to the project and is well informed. Love the newspaper format, as this story is ‘news’ but we haven’t heard enough about this story.”
“Starkly, desolatingly impactful in its message, images, captions and reproduction of letters. The context of degradation of, and abrogation of responsibility for, people and environment-- and
the costs of this-- is communicated powerfully.”

Design: Kelvin Skewes

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Bedrooms Of The Fallen by Ashley Gilbertson

The need to see America's twenty-first-century war dead, and to make them seen -- to give their absence presence - -has consumed Ashley Gilbertson for much of the past decade. Like it or not.
Judges Comments
“The ability to create a sense of 'presence through absence' in these deceptively simple images is moving and powerful. It resonates with the reader.”
“A major undertaking that is very moving. Well designed, with excellent pictures.  The project is well served by the book form. “
“Obviously professionally edited, with a clearly defined approach.”

Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Editor: Alan Thomas
Design: Matt Avery
Foreword: Philip Gourevich

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Better Half by Jackson Eaton

Hardcover, full-colour offset and presented in 'mirrored' sections with an introductory essay by Dr. Robert Cook

Judges Comments
“An outstanding project. A really moving account of family and personal relationships; the perfect subject for a book – (re)photography and father/son.“
“Interesting and successful design for compelling and complex themes.“
“Loved the stock difference for father and son pages.  It is so weird, brave but beautiful.“

Publisher: Pearce Press
Design: Gene Eaton
Printer: 1010 Printing International Ltd
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Don't Just Tell Them, Show Them by Jesse Marlow

Don't Just Tell Them, Show Them is a collection of photographs taken by Jesse Marlow across a number of countries between 2005 and 2012. With a highly developed eye for colour, pattern and subtle humour, Jesse Marlow captures the extraordinary within the ordinary. These images showcase Marlow's ability to find wonder amidst the banality of everyday life.
Judges Comments
“A book about being in the moment on the street. Bizarre optical illusions and juxtapositions are captured by the photographer, who through this book, shares their sense of wonder about the comedic and profound events happening before them in the street.”
“Excellent. Strong curation of photos in a gorgeous, sharp design.“
“Beautifully sequenced. Really well edited and designed. Great photographs that sit well on the page and with each other.”

Publisher: M.33
Editor: Helen Frajman
Design: Jason McQuoid
Printer: iBook Printing Ltd

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Fibro Dreams by Glenn Sloggett

Fibro Dreams is an update of a traditional monograph, an adults version of a (lost) child's picture book, a love letter to loss and loneliness.
Judges Comments
“This book has strength of vision. The author's eye binds the disparate elements together and presents a worldview that's dark, ironic, bleakly humorous but compassionate.”
“Thoughtfully designed to allow the concept of the photos to flow through the book design.”
“Creative, effective use of journaling and inserts helps make the book stand out, makes it is an experience.”

Design: Ania Nalecka
Printer: Chromapress (Warsaw Poland)

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Gold Coast by Ying Ang

I was raised on the taste of lawnmower fumes in the air and the dark gleam of perpetually circling crows. It was within the tyranny of this Lynchian landscape, dominated by intolerance and unexpected violence, where I became a reluctant witness to more crimes than I knew the names of by the time I was old enough to leave. Words like rape, amphetamines, murder and extortion became a part of my vocabulary in a dialogue I was encouraged to keep only to myself. All of this set in a town that was built and marketed as a suburban utopia where the darkness was overlooked in favour of keeping the artificial paradise alive.
Judges Comments
“Lovely design and feel. Creates play between beauty in form and underlying tension of the subject matter. An intriguing selection and sequence of photos.”
“An unsettling visual story about an insider’s view of the alternate paradise beyond the tourist experience.“
“Distance, anxiety and luxury are blended into a book that delivers even more through its design and creative presentation. “

Design: Teun Van Der Heijden
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In the Folds of Hills by Kristian Laemmle-Ruff

A photographic book by Kristian Laemmle-Ruff with stories by Charlotte Laemmle. Set in the secluded valleys of Lima, Victoria, the book explores the wisdom and rich humanity found in the characters living and working on this land. It includes a foreword by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and an essay by writer and photographer Robert McFarlane.
Judges Comments
“A beautiful, respectful record, nostalgic in tone. Capturing a place, people and community, a moment in time. Conveying atmosphere and emotion.”
“A polished and thoughtful documentary work. The design successfully matches the sentiment and intention of the book.”
“It works because it is so delicately and intensely focused.”

Publisher: Pearce Press
Design: Chris Conole
Printer:1010 Printing


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Lover of Home by Odette England

A photographic exploration of memory.  My work, which is personal, conceptual, and autobiographical, reflects a need to address unfinished business with who I am and where I am from. Through photographic acts of self-reflection and self-erasure, I ponder the role of both daughter and parent. Using expired film, an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera and damaged negatives, I explore the volatility of identity, emphasising the fluctuating, unstable nature of the past/present and parent/child seesaw.
Judges Comments
“Utterly compelling, rich, multilayered in text, images, design and ideas. We're drawn in by the author's interrogation of the subject, of the past revisited, and by the equal weight given to the process of the creation of the book.”
“A conceptual work that deals with nostalgia, place-making and collaboration. England takes readers through a detailed photography, re-photography and deconstructed photography process that searches to explore time and memory.”
“Loved the complexity and discipline of the book.”

Design: Cara Collins

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Nonna to Nana by Jessie and Jacqueline DiBlasi

Nonna to Nana is a documentary series that explores the seamless connection between love and nourishment. Fifteen Australian grandmothers from diverse cultural backgrounds invite you into their homes to share stories and recipes from their kitchens. Much more than ingredients and method - these images, portraits and stories honour the dedication and legacy of these women and while the kitchens and cuisines are different, the love and teaching remains the same.
Judges Comments
“A strong core and a good heart. It is accessible and appealing.“
“Works both as a cookbook and as a social document. There are other Nonnas' cookbooks but this one is not derivative.“
“A cookbook that is about food, place and people. With recipes, ingredients and preparation shared the ‘ready-to-eat’ photos are complimented by images of the personal space of the women.“

Design: Jacqueline DiBlasi
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SALT by Emma Phillips

Shot amid the dramatic manmade undulations of a salt mine, SALT hints at many of the tropes of the landscape and picturesque tradition, only for the subject itself - the huge, white mounds of glistening salt - to cause a slippage. It's a familiar form, but an alien landscape. Phillips also traces fragments of industrial and domestic infrastructure within this strange environment. She has used salt as an allegory 'reduced and economised' for the Australian interior. - Dan Rule, The Age, 7 December 2013
Judges Comments
“Striking and sophisticated. A sublime meeting of minimalist design and minimalist photographs.“
“Lovely paper. A lovely sequence considering the monotony of the landscape. It retains our interest page after page. Beautifully edited.“
“Outstanding. It doesn’t try too hard. It tells a story without text or an artist statement.The images leave an impression after just one view.”

Design: Emma Phillips
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The Beginning by Brendan Esposito

Daily life in India, a small reflection and insight into the struggle of a nation and its people who show happiness and courage in day to day life on and off the streets of life. A black and white art book, panorama in size and shape.
Judges Comments
“There is energy bursting out of this book.”
“Complex and surprising images showing an inventive eye.”
“The substance and strangeness of the images and the brilliance of the photography are irresistible.”

Design: Russell Shakespeare
Printer: Momento Pro
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The Kings of KKH by Andrea Francolini

The rivers of Pakistan are not navigable and its rain system is vastly under-developed and unable to sustain the massive transport volume needed to keep the country operational. There are 260,000km of roads but only 60% are paved. These are some of the faces of men who build, repair, drive and decorate the trucks that are the backbone of the country.
Judges Comments
“A window into a world explored and presented with beauty, depth and dimension.”
“More than simple travelogue. Has an almost filmic feel.”
“It’s about photography as well. It’s self-reflective.”
“It doesn't orientalise its subjects.”

Design: Andrea Francolini
Printer: Momento Pro

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Tribal PNG by David Kirkland

For more than two decades, I have been using my photographs to draw attention to the value and vulnerability of traditional indigenous cultures in the South Pacific region.      
Judges Comments
“A powerful ethnographic document expressing the photographer’s concern for the culture and the rituals of the world’s indigenous peoples. Centred on Papua New Guinea the book takes readers into the lives and places of tribal people.”
“Stunning images & drama. Respect for subjects is evident but more context and captions would help present people not as objects.“
 “A joy to the eye.”

Design: David Kirkland
Printer: Momento Pro
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Typhoon by Stephen Dupont

My book explores the complexity of humanity and nature's inhumanity through the visuals of a mega typhoon aftermath on the people of The Philippines.
I chose a large format and concertina double-sided designed book to allow the reader to be totally immersed inside the horrors of this super storm. To see the details throughout the destruction, and have tryptychs and multiple panel images exposed across several pages at once so the reader has a real sense of the scope and expanse of the environment. The book sequence moves along in time and date order to make the book a visual diary.
Judges Comments
“In diaristic form the photographer presents a personal document of their experience in the tragic aftermath of a typhoon. Shattered buildings, palm trees and the lives of people are recorded in black and white images intensifying the emotional impact.”
“An important document. It makes visible and tangible something that is for most of us unimaginably terrible. It's important we have eyes to show us worlds we should but often don’t want to see.“
“Strong curation of powerful photos in a solid, impactful design.”

Design: Stephen Dupont
Printer: Momento Pro

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Heidi Romano of Photobook Melbourne (Judging Chair)
Doug Spowart of Wot We Did
Kim Hungerford of Kinokuniya Books
Shaune Lakin of National Gallery of Australia
Sonya Jeffery of Books At Manic
Michael Howard of Fairfax Media
Diana Hill of Murdoch Books