Online entry + digital upload closes 8 Nov
Physical book submission closes 30 Nov
The Australian Photo Book of the Year Awards

Proudly presented by Momento Pro, to celebrate excellence and innovation in photo book creation, and to showcase the work of Australian photo artists to local and international audiences. The cash and credit prizes valued at $10,000 are designed to help photographers create, produce and promote their publications. The Awards are now open for entry and the deadline has been extended. Online registration and digital file uploads close 8 November 2016, and physical books are due by 30 November.

Momento Pro is delighted to offer cash and credit prizes valued at $10,000:
  • Photobook Of The Year: $1,000 cash + $4,000 printing credit
  • People’s Choice: $500 cash + $2,000 printing credit
  • Judge's Award: 5 x $500 printing credit
Important Dates
Entries open 3 Oct 2016
Online entry + digital file upload closes 8 Nov 2016
Physical book submission closes 30 Nov 2016
Judging Jan 2017
Presentation Feb 2017
Judging Criteria
The judging panel includes experts in photography, design and book publishing. They will review the digital book file and physical book for each entry to assess the:
  • excellence of the photography, design, layout, typography and cover art
  • quality of the photo editing and sequencing to create an engaging visual narrative
  • ability of any additional imagery, text or ephemera to enhance the story in the photographs and/or book
  • appropriateness of the photography, design and format for the book's intended purpose and audience *
* Entrants will confirm the purpose and audience for their book when completing the registration form.
People's Choice Award

All finalist entries will be available online and the Australian public are invited to vote for their favourite book.

Changes to the Awards

Based on feedback from entrants and judges we’ve made some improvements to the structure of the Awards.

  • Single category - trade published, self published and unpublished books will be judged together
  • Digital + physical book submission - judges will review the PDF and the physical book for each entry
  • Entries will be returned to non-finalists who provide a prepaid self-addressed envelope

The Finalist book exhibition will travel to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wagga Wagga, Auckland and Wellington.

How to enter
  • The Awards are open for entry from 3 October to 8 November 2016
  • Complete the online registration form by 8 November, including the upload of:
    • a low-resolution PDF of your book file
    • a JPG of the cover image
  • Mail a physical copy of the book by 30th November, with a printed copy of your registration form to the address below. Books will be returned to non-finalists if a prepaid, self-addressed envelope is provided with your entry.

(If sending by post)
APOTY Awards
c/o Momento Pro
PO Box 140
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

(If sending by courier)
APOTY Awards
c/o Momento Pro
20-40 Meagher St
Chippendale NSW 2008

Terms and Conditions

Entrant requirements

  • Must be a Australian citizen, permanent resident or an Australian registered company.
  • Must be the photographer, designer or publisher of the book.
  • Must own the copyright or provide written permission from the copyright owner to enter.
  • Must grant permission for the book, photographs of the book, and photographs within the book to appear in digital and print form for the purpose of promoting the Awards. Copyright will be included wherever possible.
  • Must indemnify Momento Pro against any and all claims by third parties relating to a violation of intellectual property rights as a result of the entry of their book in this competition, and to bear all costs arising from such a breach, including any damages.
  • Acknowledge that the judging panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Photobook requirements

  • Must focus on photographic content in a visual narrative.
  • Must have been published or the design was completed between 1 Jan 2015 and 31 Oct 2016.
  • Must be submitted as a digital PDF file and a physical copy.
  • Must not infringe copyright, breach any laws or violate third party rights.
  • Must not have been entered into previous Australian Photobook Of The Year Awards.
40% off Award book prints

It is not a requirement of entry but should you wish to print a copy of your Award book with Momento Pro we can provide a 40% discount. Visit our Get Started page for details on compatible sizes and specifications, and our Products page for print, paper and cover material options.

To place your order you must upload a compatible file to your Momento Pro account then call our service team to make payment. Orders must be placed by the dates listed below, and please be aware that the book will be submitted directly to the Awards. To review your book beforehand you will need to allow extra time.

Momento Pro book types

Final Order Dates

Inkjet printed books

Tue 18 Oct

Indigo printed books

Tue 1 Nov


Momento Pro is Australia's first and finest on-demand photobook producer that services amateur, emerging, enthusiast and professional photographers and other creatives in Australia and New Zealand.  We are committed to supporting photographers in the region, encourage best practice and innovation photo book production and are proud to the be major sponsor of the Awards. 

More at www.momentopro.com.au

Media Partner

f11 magazine is our new media partner for the Australian and New Zealand Photobook Of The Year Awards. f11 is a free digital magazine for professional and enthusiast photographers, designers and creative people working with images, as well as buyers and collectors of photography. The magazine is published 11 times a year from its home in New Zealand.

More at www.f11magazine.com


How do the Awards define a 'photo book'?
A photo book is a publication that focuses on photographic content presented in a visual narrative. It does not include text books about photography. It may include but is not limited to: a portfolio, cultural record, for sale or collection, a promotional tool, to raise awareness, for artistic legacy, a personal project, to distribute or expand access to photography.

And thanks to Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper ... "The diversity of the discipline defies a standard definition and may include: newspaper styled items, photo-zines, and the bespoke hand-made ‘artists book’, self-published books using digital POD technologies, trade published books and designer confections. Photobooks can contain photographs only, they can be books with photographs and accompanying texts, prose, poetry, captions and they also can be complex and sophisticated design experiences, even – the book as object."

Can I submit a photo book featuring images by more than one photographer?
Yes. Photo books including work by multiple photographers are eligible but details of all photographers must be entered in to the registration form.  

Can the book have been published overseas?
Yes, the book can be published overseas as long as the photographer or designer is an Australian citizen or resident.

Is there an entry fee?

I don’t have a physical copy of my book, can I still enter?
No. You must have a physical book to enter. Should you wish to Momento Pro can print a copy at 40% discount.

Can I submit more than one book?
Yes, you can submit up to three books  

Will I receive feedback and suggestions on my book?
No. Due to the number of entries we’re unable to provide feedback on every entry.

Will my book be returned?

  • Non-finalist books will be returned if a prepaid, self-addressed envelope is provided with your entry
  • Finalist books will not be returned. They will be exhibited then stored in the Award archives.
  • Rare or expensive finalist books may be returned on request.
  • We do not accept responsibility for damaged books or books lost in transit


Contact Us

Email us at awards@photobookoftheyear.com.au with any queries.